We’re all on the journey through life.  We come, we go, we travel alone – but sharing with others is important.  Love involves others and relationships, giving and taking, learning and teaching.  Some are on such different paths that there may never be a meeting of the minds.  Others are kindred spirits, and opening up and sharing with them is one of the greatest treasures of our journey.

This blog is intended for the “searchers,” who are in a constant quest for the meaning of life and their place in this world we share for a brief time.  It is for searchers who often realize that there may not be an answer or end to this quest, who understand that such meaning may be beyond our human capacity to grasp, but who still press on with commitment and devotion to the journey.

It is hoped that you will join in the exchange of ideas, thoughts and observations.  In so doing, may it add to each of our lives and give us comfort that we do not travel this road alone.