It’s a noble pursuit to search for the meaning of life, and everyone should want to find an answer, yet few people expect that one can be found.  Jonathon Haidt refers to the question “What is the meaning of life” as the Holy Question, as in the Holy Grail.

It is impossible to analyze ‘the meaning of life’ in the abstract, or in general, or for some mythical and perfectly rational being.  Only by knowing the kinds of beings that we actually are, with the complex mental and emotional architecture that we happen to possess, can anyone even begin to ask about what would count as a meaningful life.

It’s like coming into a movie a half hour late, being involved for a while, and then leaving half an hour before the movie is over.  How can we expect to conclude anything about the meaning of life for us or anyone else?

Yet if we can’t find the ‘meaning of life’ perhaps we can still find purpose within life.