Surely growth, learning and reaching maturity must be a purpose and have meaning for life:

Maslow provides the hierarchy of needs, leading to Self-Actualization

Covey gives the seven habits, leading to Interdependence

Jung writes about the four stages of adulthood, ending when you realize you are a Spiritual being having a human experience.   The first stage is the athlete, when identification is our physical prowess.  The second stage is the warrior, when we extend our prowess to conquering the world – setting goals, accomplishing things, defeating other people.  The third stage is the statesman, when you try to transcend your ego and begin to ask how you can serve and make this a better place.  Many people get to this stage in their lives, but Jung said the highest stage is the fourth stage.  The fourth stage is the spiritual, when you realize that you’re none of the three things – the athlete,  the warrior or the statesman.  When you realize you are a spiritual being having a human experience (rather than the other way around) your consciousness shifts out of the material world and is able to go into the other world.