Dealing with Reality:

No matter what we do, or try to do, we are a part of the reality of this world.  We cannot escape this fact.  Rather than identify with this world, however, we need to face our own predicament and avoid attaching ourselves to the results. If we shift our focus to a process thinking versus outcome thinking, we will be able to live a more peaceful and productive life.  If we are able to separate the reality we cannot control and focus on those things we can control, it will give us a new found freedom.

Consciousness is required to keep a constant vigilance and to focus our attention on our relationship with reality.  This clearly involves welcoming change and embracing challenges.  It includes doing everything that you do effectively with passion, commitment and confidence.  

It often helps to just focus on putting one foot in front of the other.  This means actively doing what we need to do in order to keep moving forward, and creating a momentum.  It means maintaining one’s values and goals, and achieving those things in life we find meaningful and purposeful.  It also means continuing one’s own spiritual journey of self-awareness and discovery, and a greater understanding and acceptance of ‘what is.’     

Be aware of ‘what is’ and push away that which disturbs you and which you cannot control.  Focus on those things that attract you and where you can make a difference.  Do what’s in front of you and in your control.  Go with life and decide to grow by doing those things that you can.