Find the proper time:

The best time to focus on your spirituality will depend on your lifestyle and what you seek to gain from your practice.  A regular practice has been shown to lead to an array of health benefits, such as improve concentration, reduce stress levels, and enhance the quality of sleep.  It is a discovery of self and spirituality, however, that is the goal, which will be in proportion to your commitment.  So find the time that works for you.

Experience indicates the time varies from one person to another, but the top choice is morning when we wake up and feel refreshed.  After work or during lunch are possibilities, when a needed break is welcome.  Whenever you feel overwhelmed or stressed out is good, and before bed when you can really unwind.  Decide on a time that you are able to remain alert, aware, and focused.

Create the appropriate setting:

You need to create space that’s right for you.  Things to keep in mind would include cutting out background noises, personalize your space, create soft lighting, add soft furnishings, and choose soothing colors.  Also consider using scents and candles, and other connections with nature, such as natural light and perhaps a serene painting or picture.  The space is yours, and should be up to you and what makes you feel most comfortable.

A corner will do, clean and uncluttered.  Work with it, and feel free to adjust and change it as you need to.  Just be sure it’s a ‘feel good’ space, and has the degree of privacy you need. 

Make the commitment:

Making a commitment is to promise to do something.  It is a firm decision or pledge that you make to do something in the future.  It is the act of binding yourself, intellectually and emotionally, to a course of action.  It should not be taken lightly.  It is also an action that is meant to help you achieve your goal.

This commitment demands that you set your goals, commit to the process, and have a plan.  It’s not important that you tell other people, but you can if it helps motivate you and hold you accountable.  Then you need to get started and reward yourself, although implementation of this process well be reward enough.  

(this completes the initial outline of Bringing things into Focus and Taking the next Steps – the future postings will hopefully help you to Continue your individual Spiritual Journey …)