Spiritual awakening is a notion that’s been around for centuries and can be experienced in a variety of cultures and religions around the world.  Whether it’s referred to as enlightenment, nirvana, or bliss, it begins the moment a person can step back and ‘awake’ to their life with a new sense of being in this world.  It is a subjective experience where an individual’s ego transcends their ordinary, finite sense of self to encompass a wider, infinite sense of truth or reality.

A spiritual awakening can be triggered by anything, often something completely unrelated to the topic itself.  Common causes include life-changing events such as retiring, moving, an accident, losing a life-long friend/mate, an illness or diagnosis.  Causes could also include losing your job, divorce, war, pandemics, midlife or mental crises, or even depression or anxiety. 

Signs and symptoms of a spiritual awakening include a feeling of disconnectedness or detachment where one feels overwhelmed and confused; reevaluation of your beliefs; relationships begin to shift; spiritually becomes an important part of your life, and meaning and fulfillment become priorities; heightened intuition, and ability to sense inauthentic or manipulative behavior; realization and acceptance that everyone has their own path; feeling of loneliness , especially when other people aren’t on the same wave; feeling of more connectedness to the natural world; heightened senses and more in to the present moment; increased empathy to the world around you, and to those suffering; and more compassion to others.

Activities that can be helpful as you proceed through this process would include meditation, spending time outside, laughing, dancing, connecting with others, volunteering, practicing gratitude, and slowing down. 

“You find peace not by rearranging the circumstances of your life, but by realizing who you are at the deepest level.”  (Eckhart Tolle) Spend time focused on fully becoming yourself.