The Purpose of this blog is to explore the meaning of life and to assist/simulate each of us on our individual journey and discoveries.  It is designed for the entries to be read in order – so please start with the Welcome, and proceed from there.

We are all at various points, and directions, in our own life’ journey.  This is as it should be, for the journey and conclusions are very individual.  We must each find our own meaning and purpose.

It is hoped that some of these posts, from me and others, will be meaningful/helpful to you as you continue along your path.    God’s speed.


Me – I’m just a Jack of all trades, and the master of some (or is it none?).  A Liberal Arts degree, a little law school, a year at theological school, a Masters of Business Administration, a Masters of Religious Studies, and many years of observing/participating in life.  Profit and non-profit work along with some teaching and consulting have been my career.  Involvement with some structured religious and wisdom tradition organizations have been an interest.  Belief in the power and complexity of Love, friends and family has continued to increase.   I’m just a constant searcher, even though others would most often like me to keep that to myself …      RKR